Monday, April 1, 2013

Foodie Penpal March 2013

The Lean Green Bean

After some deliberation and many many emails ... I present to you my
Foodie Penpal Box
from a top secret agent government worker....
haha sounds awesome doesn't it?
We had some chats about Mexican Cuisine and since she recently made a trip to Columbia I thought who better to find something authentic for me.
My box was full to the brim and I cannot say I loved everything  even though I really want to.
I am a super southern girl so I may not even know what some of this stuff is but I will look up some more recipes other than the 2 she sent me and I will experiment!

First of all I do love this dark chocolate... it is a nice little treat while I am cooking dinner to grab a single little bite out of the freezer. Am I the only one who freezes their chocolates?

 This is one of those things I have no idea! Maybe before it is over I will be an expert!

I do know what these are and just realized I should thrown a couple in the chili I made last night! Darn it I forgot.

 Who doesnt love caramel?
I don't mind that I can't read the whole jar... All I need to know is that it is caramel!

 I am guessing these are some verbena toiletries from a hotel in Columbia
 and they smell so good.

 Dried black chiles as well. Did I mention she included a couple recipes for me? I will be trying them soon.

A kind Bar.... peanut butter and dark chocolate! Yum
I have had this before and know they are yummy
but this particular one disappeared before I could get to it
I think it and the meal bar paired up and ran away!

 I am soooo not sure about this chocolate but it was nasty!
Chili Chocolate something it tasted like dark chocolate and hot peppers.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do with it
 but I will not be eating anymore of it plain.
Oh am I mean for letting the kids try some after they begged me for it?
I warned them it was not what they were expecting.

Garam Masala
a blend of spices unsed in Indian Cuisine. I will have to look this up as well.

 I hope all this searching and experimenting will hold me over until next month.

If you are interesting in becoming a foodie penpal you can learn all about it and sign up here.


  1. *giggles* Half the fun, for me at least, if figuring out what to do with this stuff. Hope you at least had fun with my "gifts"!

    1. Yes and I am still playing around!! Thank You Again

  2. This looks awesome! I just found foodie pen pals and can't wait until I can do it next month!

    1. Did you get the form all filled out already? She will send out matches on the 4th or 5th of the month. It is so fun.