Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snuggle #CraftyPaws #ContestEntry

I'm pretty sure, without a hint, everyone knows who this guy is. Snuggle is a big part of most homes around the country. Who knows how many loads of laundry are done each week in the United States?  Nope, I don't know either. I'm sure it's a lot though.

Since I use so much Snuggle, I found it appropriate that I join the exclusive community of the Snuggle Bear Den. If you don't know about it, check it out here.

Being a member of this Bear Den, I was sent a box of Snuggle Dryer sheets to assist in my entry into this #craftypaws contest. I was challenged to make a holiday addition using my Snuggle box.
Here is what I came up with for my #contestentry :

 Things I used were Snuggle, scissors, tape, bows, and wrapping paper.
Recycle Tip: those little scraps of wrapping paper will work together to make a cute collage type box.
 The first thing I did was trim the ledge off the box flap so I would have a good sliding edge.
 Then, I wrapped my box on all sides and the top flap. I had this brilliant idea that it could also be used as a Card Storage after the holidays for those people who like to keep things like that.
Next, I cut a dryer sheet in half length-wise and taped it to some dollar bills. The longer the strand of money the better of course! This idea replaces the boring old gift card and dresses up the cash a little bit. Perfect for those, hard to shop for, teenagers.
 In the end the gift looks like this. A cute little dryer sheet poking out the side begging to be pulled.  When the recipient pulls they will be surprised with one dollar bill after another! Such a fun way to give that boring money!
 So, What do you think???
I received a free sample from Snuggle to assist in the contest entry. Complete rules for the contest are found here

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