Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hooray for naptime

Hello again! I know it has been quite a while since my last real post. I have been helping take care of a set of twins for the last year. I will be the first to tell you that 2 toddlers keep you much busier than just 1. I have always loved caring for the little ones in my life and when these little guys came along it was no different. I was up front letting mom know I would be first to help anytime! So these kids have been keeping me  quite busy, not leaving much time for blogging or product reviews.

I have, however, found a little time during naptime  to start sewing. I have been attempting to make quilts, that can be very difficult. Some smaller projects I have been loving though are making memory pillows. I'm sure you have seen some variation floating around the internet. They are pillows made from the previously worn shirts of your loved ones.

I've also been trying to come up with some new meal ideas. We have gotten into a rut with the same old recipes and meals. I definitely need some fresh new ideas!

So, naptime is my free time. I will try to put a little more effort into keeping posts coming out. Maybe I will share some of my new projects. Until then.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chick-Fil-A DIY

 I started with a delicious salad from Chick-Fil-A.

 I was challenged by Chick-Fil-A Moms Club to repurpose the salad container. Memorial day is coming up and that means lots of backyard BBQs. So, I decided to make a table centerpiece for all those evening BBQs.
 All of the additional decorative items I am using here were from my local dollar store.
 My camera wasn't cooperating so the video I took of the process didn't turn out. It was very simple though. 
I used the star garland a couple different ways. I wound it around the solar lamp stem as well as placed it into the base of the dish to act a filler. I, then, hot glued the flowers and leaves to several different places around the lamp and dish. Then I finished off with some little glittery decor. This was a very simple DIY and the salad was amazing too.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 10 Inspiration

With so much going on I get slightly discouraged. I feel like I am failing myself. It helps me to watch videos and gain inspiration through motivational speaking. Even just reading some of the success stories on the Nutrisystem website helps me to feel motivated to remain on track.

I am so glad winter is almost over. I feel so great, and I am looking forward to getting outside in my shorts. I cannot wait to get to the pool this summer and in my flower garden even sooner than that. It is nice to feel good and energetic for a change. I haven't used to have this kind of energy. I have always felt sort of lazy and set in my ways. I am glad I am feeling better about being active.

Weekly Motivation:
If you over did it yesterday, get back on track today with a big glass of water. In case you haven't heard, water is pretty great for you: It can improve the look and feel of your skin, give you more energy, and keep you feeling full.

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 9 Effects on the Family

My time is definitely being stretched thin with my father being sick. I am trying my best to stick to the best choices. I have noticed that when I am cooking for the family I still want to eat their food. So what I have been doing is making sure to be making the healthier options of meals choices for them too. If I mention it to them they will balk, but if I don't say anything they never even notice.
I have been feeling better in general and that makes for a happier and healthier mom. How does that saying go? When mom is happy everyone is happy? That hold true around my house for sure.
I am down to 362 this week. Still feeling good about my weight loss. I could do better though.

Weekly Inspiration:
"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is key to unlocking our potential." - Winston Churchill

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, March 4, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 8 New Clothes?

Life has been so crazy lately. I have not been sticking to my meal plan like I should be. I try to make healthier choices when away from home but I still feel like I should be doing better.
I am still slowly losing weight though so I guess I'm doing something right. I went through my closet the other day and I managed to fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in about 2 years. It felt so good! Almost like getting new clothes.
Sorry this is just a short update this week. Will post more next week.

Weekly Inspiration:
Get outside. Do whatever it takes and whatever you feel up to, but leave the four walls behind and get outside.
Go for a walk. Ride a bike. Play with the kids. Go to the park. Watch the locals play soccer. Work in the garden. Or simply drag a chair outside!

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.* 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 7 Favorites

I am now going on almost 2 full months on Nutrisystem, so it is safe to say I have developed some favorite foods!

I have realized I like to have a quick breakfast. Shakes and bars are my go to for an easy quick breakfast. I throw some fruit in my shake made with milk so I have a full meal on the go.

For lunch, I like to have something a bit more filling. The grilled chicken sandwiches are amazing. I spread on just a smidgen of avocado with a bit of hot sauce and light ranch makes it is fit for a king! A few cucumber slices to cut the heat and round off the meal then we move on to snack time!

Who ever thought you could have chocolate on a diet. There are many chocolate choices on the menu. Chocolate cupcakes, fudge bars, ice cream sandwiches, biscotti bites, nutri-chocolates, and others. My all time favorite though has to be the chocolate covered pretzels!!!

Dinner time doesn't leave you wishing there were better choices either. With lots of delicious food to choose from everyone can find something they like. I love the pizzas! There are a few different ones to choose from and you can throw on some of your personal fresh veggies and make it just how you like it!

I have been progressing well. I have had some awful news the last few weeks with my father receiving a recent diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. So I have been quite busy and haven't been focusing as well as I should on my diet but I guess that is to be expected. My total weight loss with up and downs to date is about 9.2 lbs. Not great but every little bit counts!

Try to be positive.
If someone asks how you are, think about it and say, "I'm good. Really good."
There might be something going on in your life that's not really good, but if you start by saying you are good, chances are you're going to feel better.

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Monday, February 22, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 6 - Small Wins

Weekly inspiration comes first this week. 
Set yourself a goal, and do it. Even if it's something as simple as walking up the stairs without getting winded, make it happen. Each accomplishment, no matter how small, helps you build towards greater ones. 

With that thought, I come to this week's topic, small wins. I have been grateful to accomplish what little weight loss I have so far. 14 pounds total as of this week. Aside from the scale, I have noticed some small wins. I have an increased energy level, better mood, overall better feelings about myself. I am able to walk farther and a little faster than before.

All of these things are small wins towards one larger goal. Each small goal I set and fulfill for myself makes me even more motivated to continue and work that much harder because I know I can do it. 

I have not been as consistent with showing the different foods available with Nutrisystem.  There are some very good choices, however. I am a huge fan of the whoopie pies. They are so indulgent but make you feel like you are cheating. 

Even when I am out and about I am able to reference my eating out guide until I am used to what is best for me. This guide is complete with "choose this and skip that" choices. Easily understandable and with many popular food chains. I keep this handy little guide in my truck for those such emergencies. I am getting pretty good at choosing the healthier options though!

I am so proud of myself.

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, February 12, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 5 - Compliments

I am really feeling great about myself. I can tell I am really losing more inches than pounds because my jeans that i bought just a couple months ago are already feeling loose. That makes me feel so good. This weight loss journey is really opening my eyes about how I had been eating and what I really should have been eating. I was clearly not eating right at all. I needed to be taking in many more vegetables and a lot less carbs.

 It feels good to have people compliment me and tell me that they, too, can tell I am losing weight. My mom is my biggest supporter and always tells me that she can tell I am losing weight.

My hardest meal of the day right now is breakfast. I want a hot hearty breakfast in the mornings. I just cant get satisfied in the mornings with a small breakfast. Pastries and a shake just doesn't cut it for me. I like the morning I can have the Nutriystem omelet and a shake with a slice of wheat toast. That helps but I still miss my fried potatoes. I am still working hard at curbing my cravings.

Weekly Inspiration:
Visualize yourself at your goal weight. Remember, Muhammad Ali didn't tell himself he was second greatest. He said he was the greatest, believed it, and became it. You can, too.

 *I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, February 5, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 4 - Feeling great

Nutrisystem has some of the best foods. But it isn't all about the food. It actually isn't all about the pounds either but how you feel inside. My scale is quickly becoming my friends but I a trying not to dwell on the numbers too much.

I have been doing pretty good but this week wasn't as glorious as the couple weeks before. I admit I slipped up a bit. It can be difficult to cook for the family and then eat something different. I am determined to remain on track though. I still have plenty motivation to keep me going. It does make it easy though with just being able to grab a quick meal for myself, customize it for myself, and not worry about what everyone else likes.

The numbers might not be in my favor this week, but I am still feeling great. My energy level is through the roof and I love it. I have been so pumped and staying busy but I just cannot seem to get a regular workout routine down. That is my goal for this week. Get in the zone!

 *I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 3 - Keeping Track

Nutrisystem is still working for me. I am still on track with my weight loss. Having lost a couple more pounds this week, I am feeling pretty good about it.

The hardest part right now is keeping track of what I should be eating and what I am actually taking in. I have been using Nutrisystem's Numi App and it's helping to keep up with my nutritional needs. I love that this app lists what I should be eating and just basically gives me a slot to fill in what I ate.

There have been a few foods that I miss but am able to create a better version with my nutrisystem foods. For instance, one of my favorite recipes is the fudge brownie with a couple strawberries and just a dollop of cool whip. It allows me to indulge but not over-do myself.

Inspiration for today:

Not all weight loss progress is about the pounds. Make sure you're keeping track of the way your body is changing. Even the smallest change is reason to celebrate.

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 2 - Celebrate

This post might be behind schedule just a little but I did weigh in right on time last Tuesday night at my Lose 2 Win meeting. I am proud to say I did successfully lose a little weight! I weighed in at 371 having lost 3.6 lbs. Yay! Lets all celebrate. But, not with food!

Which brings me to my topic of the week. Rewarding with food. Growing up we celebrated many milestones with going out to eat, ice cream, or a trip to the store for candy. I have noticed myself doing that as an adult as well. I have, however, tried to change my way of thinking when it comes to such things. I am instead deciding on a fun activity as a reward for positive achievements. Going to the movies, park, zoo, aquarium, or other such places is more beneficial in the long run. 

When I was being rewarded with food, My body took that as a sign that my happiness was in direct correlation with hunger. Naturally when I felt sad, bored or lonely I, also, turned to my special comfort friend, FOOD. This created a vicious cycle. Sad=eat, Happy=eat, lonely=eat, bored=eat, long day at work=eat So you can see where that is a problem. 

I have tried many diet in the past and I realize now that if you dont change your thinking then nothing will work. Nutri-system is a tool to help you do that. Offering the opportunity for you to succeed and still feel like you are not limiting so much that you are starving. I was so happy to see that the scale had dropped when I weighed in this week. I thought for sure I had not done well.  

There is definitely some great tasting food to choose from.

 Don't forget to check back with me next week. 

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, January 15, 2016

Nutrisystem Journey Week 1 - Time to Change

The time has come to get started. I have no energy to keep up with my kids and the things they would like to do, and overall I just want to be healthy! I am starting this week on my Nutrisystem journey to better health.

I have been seeing Dr after Dr trying to figure out what exactly is causing my lack of energy. (in denial about my weight being the problem) Am I anemic? Do I have a sleep problem? Am I eating right? Do I exercise daily?  The answer to all of the above is no. Yep you heard that right. I am not eating right nor am I exercising daily.  Those are definitely 2 things I can remedy for a better life.

Socrates said: "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

So this week is the beginning!

My initial weight is 374.6 with a BMI of 46.1 and body fat of 47.2%. I know those are some big numbers.  I am also participating in a program with my local pharmacy so I will have some workout buddies who are going through these same lifestyle changes.

On the Nutrisystem program, I am sent a month worth of Nutrisystem foods, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals as well as snacks/desserts.  My sample daily menu will resemble this:
Nutrisystem Breakfast (within the 1st hour of waking up)
 [2-4 hours later]
1 PowerFuel (egg, yogurt, milk, etc) and 1 SmartCarb (toast, banana, oatmeal, etc)
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Lunch
 [2-4 hours later]
 1 PowerFuel (turkey breast, tuna, peanut butter, etc) and 1 SmartCarb (apple, roll, rice, etc)
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Dinner
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Snack or Dessert (these are the same category)

I will be supplying some of the extras like milk, eggs, and yogurt, but the majority of my foods will be provided. I am really looking forward to this so I can get used to smaller portions and learn what healthy foods can actually taste like. 

Follow me on my journey and I will be posting back each week with updates. I will be posting often on my Instagram with some of my delicious meals

It is not too late to join in the program. Simply visit to learn more.
Also follow Nutrisystem on Facebook and Twitter.  

I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging my weight loss journey.   

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Adventures Await

      I know I have been away but I been planning to make big things happen! I have been trying to lose weight but just haven't had the proper tools or motivation. Thankfully have partnered up with Nutrisystem and will be starting on a 3 month journey to better health with the Nutrisystem nation beginning Jan 11, 2016. I will be posting weekly with weigh-ins and progress for that week.

Additionally, I will be participating in a weight loss program with my local pharmacy to assist in sticking to my plan and encouraging me to workout regularly. Weight loss will not come by only eating right but I must be active as well.

I hope that you will follow me in this journey and even join in if you so choose. I would love to have some friends to go on this journey with me. You can follow Nutrisystem at one of the following links:
Facebook: htttp://

I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging my weight loss journey.