Friday, January 29, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 3 - Keeping Track

Nutrisystem is still working for me. I am still on track with my weight loss. Having lost a couple more pounds this week, I am feeling pretty good about it.

The hardest part right now is keeping track of what I should be eating and what I am actually taking in. I have been using Nutrisystem's Numi App and it's helping to keep up with my nutritional needs. I love that this app lists what I should be eating and just basically gives me a slot to fill in what I ate.

There have been a few foods that I miss but am able to create a better version with my nutrisystem foods. For instance, one of my favorite recipes is the fudge brownie with a couple strawberries and just a dollop of cool whip. It allows me to indulge but not over-do myself.

Inspiration for today:

Not all weight loss progress is about the pounds. Make sure you're keeping track of the way your body is changing. Even the smallest change is reason to celebrate.

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 2 - Celebrate

This post might be behind schedule just a little but I did weigh in right on time last Tuesday night at my Lose 2 Win meeting. I am proud to say I did successfully lose a little weight! I weighed in at 371 having lost 3.6 lbs. Yay! Lets all celebrate. But, not with food!

Which brings me to my topic of the week. Rewarding with food. Growing up we celebrated many milestones with going out to eat, ice cream, or a trip to the store for candy. I have noticed myself doing that as an adult as well. I have, however, tried to change my way of thinking when it comes to such things. I am instead deciding on a fun activity as a reward for positive achievements. Going to the movies, park, zoo, aquarium, or other such places is more beneficial in the long run. 

When I was being rewarded with food, My body took that as a sign that my happiness was in direct correlation with hunger. Naturally when I felt sad, bored or lonely I, also, turned to my special comfort friend, FOOD. This created a vicious cycle. Sad=eat, Happy=eat, lonely=eat, bored=eat, long day at work=eat So you can see where that is a problem. 

I have tried many diet in the past and I realize now that if you dont change your thinking then nothing will work. Nutri-system is a tool to help you do that. Offering the opportunity for you to succeed and still feel like you are not limiting so much that you are starving. I was so happy to see that the scale had dropped when I weighed in this week. I thought for sure I had not done well.  

There is definitely some great tasting food to choose from.

 Don't forget to check back with me next week. 

*I received Nutrisystem free in exchange for sharing my progress. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*

Friday, January 15, 2016

Nutrisystem Journey Week 1 - Time to Change

The time has come to get started. I have no energy to keep up with my kids and the things they would like to do, and overall I just want to be healthy! I am starting this week on my Nutrisystem journey to better health.

I have been seeing Dr after Dr trying to figure out what exactly is causing my lack of energy. (in denial about my weight being the problem) Am I anemic? Do I have a sleep problem? Am I eating right? Do I exercise daily?  The answer to all of the above is no. Yep you heard that right. I am not eating right nor am I exercising daily.  Those are definitely 2 things I can remedy for a better life.

Socrates said: "The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

So this week is the beginning!

My initial weight is 374.6 with a BMI of 46.1 and body fat of 47.2%. I know those are some big numbers.  I am also participating in a program with my local pharmacy so I will have some workout buddies who are going through these same lifestyle changes.

On the Nutrisystem program, I am sent a month worth of Nutrisystem foods, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals as well as snacks/desserts.  My sample daily menu will resemble this:
Nutrisystem Breakfast (within the 1st hour of waking up)
 [2-4 hours later]
1 PowerFuel (egg, yogurt, milk, etc) and 1 SmartCarb (toast, banana, oatmeal, etc)
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Lunch
 [2-4 hours later]
 1 PowerFuel (turkey breast, tuna, peanut butter, etc) and 1 SmartCarb (apple, roll, rice, etc)
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Dinner
 [2-4 hours later]
 Nutrisystem Snack or Dessert (these are the same category)

I will be supplying some of the extras like milk, eggs, and yogurt, but the majority of my foods will be provided. I am really looking forward to this so I can get used to smaller portions and learn what healthy foods can actually taste like. 

Follow me on my journey and I will be posting back each week with updates. I will be posting often on my Instagram with some of my delicious meals

It is not too late to join in the program. Simply visit to learn more.
Also follow Nutrisystem on Facebook and Twitter.  

I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging my weight loss journey.   

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Adventures Await

      I know I have been away but I been planning to make big things happen! I have been trying to lose weight but just haven't had the proper tools or motivation. Thankfully have partnered up with Nutrisystem and will be starting on a 3 month journey to better health with the Nutrisystem nation beginning Jan 11, 2016. I will be posting weekly with weigh-ins and progress for that week.

Additionally, I will be participating in a weight loss program with my local pharmacy to assist in sticking to my plan and encouraging me to workout regularly. Weight loss will not come by only eating right but I must be active as well.

I hope that you will follow me in this journey and even join in if you so choose. I would love to have some friends to go on this journey with me. You can follow Nutrisystem at one of the following links:
Facebook: htttp://

I am receiving Nutrisystem in exchange for blogging my weight loss journey.