Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Mom-Bag Must Haves

I am a mom of three rambunctious kids. All of which at some not so convenient time have had some sort of emergency. I have learned over the years to always be prepared. I believe that started with my girl scout years. 
Nowadays, since my kids are older my mom bag/first-aid kit is not the same. It used to contain diapers, teething toys, formula, and other baby related items. Those days are long gone. My youngest is now 9 and always into something that usually ends in bumps and bruises. Some of these items are staples that followed through from the baby stage but others are kind of new. 

I have been stopped many times with a cranky kid so I always have snacks!!! Granola bars are our favorite!!!
Sunscreen- and I have found that Coppertone ClearlySheer is freaking awesome.

Band-Aids- I mean the real ones too!!! The ole ugly generic ones just don't stick like they should and you will go through a ton before you make it back home from the scene of the accident.

Neosporin with pain relief- A must have for sure. They come in these handy Neo-to-go packs now which makes them super handy for taking along in a travel bag.

Baby Wipes- One of those long lasting staples that can be used for all kind of things

Hand Sanitizer- Because You never know what those darned kids have picked up and brought home.

Benadryl Itch Stick- This thing is a cheap and quick fix for a bug bite or bee sting. I am so glad I found it.

Those are the basics.... Usually the kids toss in some extras too but those are the staples! What do you keep in your mom bag?

Disclaimer: Some of the items mentioned above were given to me for review purposes from +Influenster . All opinions are my own and true.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen Review

Summertime is here again! 
I personally love summer and tanning.
I want to think my Italian genes have served me well and I can tan nicely, but I always always always over do it and end up with a sun burn. 
I know, sun burns are bad for your skin but what are ya gonna do. I can't just stay inside all summer. 
So I have had quite the busy first couple weeks of summer and just now finally made it to the pool. 

I was offered a Bzz Campaign for Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen so I had this awesome idea to test it out. My 16 yr old son said I would probably regret this decision. But, He doesn't listen to me so why should I listen to him?
I thought it would be a good test to apply sunscreen as directed to one arm/ shoulder and not the other to really show a good comparison. I applied about 15minutes before going out, rubbed in and allowed to dry, as directed. This stuff goes on clear and not greasy either. My skin felt smooth and dry right away with no gross slimy feeling in the water either. Then I reapplied after 1 hour in the sun and water. 
This sunscreen is advertised to remain effective up to 80  minutes of sun/ sweat/ swimming if applied as directed so I was careful to apply correctly. 
Of course, if there aren't pictures then it didn't happen. I should have taken a before picture too but I didn't. I only took a left and right shoulder after 2 hours of fun in the sun. You can see the difference.

The protected shoulder is not affected at all!!!! 
I was amazed. I really thought I would still get a little red but NOPE!!!
Of course, I also applied sunscreen to the kids all over their bodies, because I'm not willing to risk it with them. They didn't burn at all either! This Coppertone ClearlySheer is great! I will continue to use this sunscreen for myself and the kids. Maybe I won't even burn once for the rest of the summer!!!!

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned in this post for free to review from BzzAgent. All of the opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.I would only recommend products I believe would be good for my readers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Influenster TLCVOXBOX


Where have I been??? 
I don't know but I'm back with a doozy!
If anything can bring me out of a  writing slump it would be +Influenster 
They offered me a #tlcvoxbox and I couldn't refuse.
 This box is loaded with products for moms.

 Some of these products I am familiar with already.
You may know them as well. 

This was the first thing I noticed and I am so in love with the ice cream it is driving me crazy! 
I got the coupon but I already had a tub in the freezer.
 This +Breyers US  Gelato comes in a few different flavors but my favorite is the Vanilla Caramel!! OMG delish!!! 

This pic was even taken on the bed because that is the best place to gorge on ice cream while watching a movie!!!

 I also got some Neosporin to go which would come in quite handy for a first aid kit or a to go bag for a day out with the kids. I think I may make one of those soon.
 Ivory is a common item in our house as well since there are some sensitive skin issues around here.

I had to test out the theory of the floating soap and, since I have a certain someone that likes to quiz me occasionally, I did the research to find out WHY it floats.
In 1863, it was first discovered that whipping in some air into the soap allows it to be lighter than water and therefore float. It also makes it easier to lather. 
Imagine that!!
  I was also sent this Shell fuel rewards card. I have enrolled into this program and everyday spending and fuel buying with earn points and save $$$. There can't be anything bad about that!
I also got some Avon Anew Reversalist wrinkle smoother
I have to deny the fact I have wrinkles!!!
It looks like a great product and I will try it when I develope wrinkles LOL..... Or tonight perhaps. 

Last, but certainly not least, Puffs with lotion to go pack. Also a good one for a to go bag. 
We are currently using these with this silly cold going around.
If this stuff appeals to you maybe you should head out and pick some up. 
If you would like a chance to try out some new products for free let me know and I can send you and invite to join Influenster.