Friday, May 3, 2013

Antonia's Project 1/3

I have decided to make a separate diet post so I can keep adding to it easily.
It is respectively named Project 1/3 because I plan to lose 1/3 of my body weight to start with.
Starting Weight      392.2 as of April 30, 2013 
-1/3 Body Weight  130.7                                  
         Goal Weight          261.5   Due date April 30, 2014

Current Weight      384.0 as of October 9, 2013

This is just a starting point. Once I reach this goal I will reevaluate and adjust my goal accordingly.
 I will be putting the newest posts on top so you don't have to scroll through everything to see the updates.
Oct. 9, 2013
Well Crap!!! I guess that is what I get for not watching what I eat better. Lets chase down the wagon and jump back on. I have hooked up with Naturade to assist in my weight loss. They have sent me a few samples of their soy protein meal replacement. I got a few in vanilla and a few in chocolate.
I mixed it up with milk this morning instead of water like it recommends so that may cause a few extra calories I wouldn't need. I should have read the directions better before I mixed it. It said to mix with water, which would have bee fine and just as tasty but dumb me didn't pay attention.
Snacking is a big issue of mine and hopefully this will keep me satisfied and keep me from snacking all day.
I am starting a new job this morning working from home so maybe I will stay busy and occupied enough not to munch all day.
Wish me luck!!!!
Sept 13, 2013
OK, So I fell off the wagon again. Who doesn't?
The good thing I that I got back on. Weight loss hasn't left my mind it just seems as though I get discouraged and don't post because I don't want to make it official that I gain a pound back or don't lose as much as the week before. I am going to keep trying though.
As for the actual update....
I stopped taking that prescription the Dr gave me. After hearing every one's opinion on it I decided I did not want to just gain all the weight right back after the medicine ran out and the Dr would only give them to me for a certain amount of time. So I was down to about 378 and stopped taking them and everyone was right I immediately jumped right back up to about 385. I was not having that and at that rate I was likely to go higher than I started. It was very depressing.
So I am really trying to eat better. I am taking some appetite suppressants but nothing crazy like the Phentermine. I also think the protein shakes I have been drinking are helping a lot with my appetite. I have been drinking a protein shake in the morn  made with 2% milk and that is lasting me most of the day. I, then , eat dinner with the family but try to limit my portions. Speaking of limiting portions.... Check out this Portion Plate.
I won't push it on ya,  but you can read the review I wrote if you want. I am trying to use that to help with my portion control.
I have been trying to stay busy around the house also and keep my mind from wandering to the fridge. But since I have been busy cleaning and running around here I haven't been doing actual exercises like I was. I have such a hard time staying motivated. And it is just so damn boring working out by myself.
What are you guys doing to stay motivated?
June 26, 2013
Well I did good yesterday! I did my same routine as the day before except for a few minutes less walking. I am going to walk this evening after it cools down a little. It has been so damn hot here I just want to go lay in the pool! I wonder if swimming is good cardio?
June 24, 2013
OK so I fell off the wagon! Sue me.... everyone has done it. But, guess what?!?! I chased that wagon down and jumped back on it.  In the last month I have been through a ton of crap here at Casa De Motor Mouth, so I have slacked off on my diet and contemplated weight loss surgery. I went to see my doctor finally after who knows how long. And she and I came to an agreement NOT to do the weight loss surgery right now and try some weight loss meds along with diet and exercise.
So she put me on Phentermine 30mg. Now, this is new to me so if you guys have any experience with this, please let me know. I have taken it a couple times now and CAN tell a difference in my appetite. I took it the first day and wasn't so sure but paid attention to my thoughts. Then the next day I did not take it just so I could really focus on seeing a difference.... boy did I ever! I wanted to eat all freaking day just like I am was used to. So apparently the appetite suppressant part of it does work.  We will see how it does after a week or so.
Now as for the exercise, m husband was so against me having surgery he vowed to workout with me and even turned his workshop into my workout room. He also surprised me with bringing home a weight bench for all of us to use and we have been having fun with that! Even my son is loving the weights. What 16 yr old boy wouldn't? Then, along with the weight bench, apparently my dad has had a treadmill collecting dust in his shed so we went and confiscated that and moved it over to our place where it is already getting some good use. The doctor recommended that I walk 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. I actually believe I can handle a little more than that. So I am going to try for that amount of time but maybe 5 days a week.
Here is what I did this morning:
 20 minutes walking brisk pace
All of these lifts are with 40lb weights on the leg developer of the bench:
45 double leg lifts
50 double arm reps 
30  per arm reps
I have included these pictures to show you what I did because I am not exactly sure what they are called.
Overall, I think I did pretty good today. I hope I can keep it up.
As for my diet, I have cut out all soda. Yay, Me! I am also cutting back drastically on sweets but I am trying to make better choices to curb the craving for sweets. Like granola bars with chocolate bits instead of full on candy bars or sugar filled crap. I am trying to do this at a pace that will actually work for me instead of jumping in head first and failing.
How are all your diets going? 
May 10, 2013
Holy Crap I am sore. I did some exercises I saw yesterday on youtube. They weren't too intense and I only did small sets but I am sure feeling it today! And... that's not all.... guess what!?!?!  
I just did some more! They were pretty easy and since I feel so great (rough) I guess they are working. I will link ya to the video here just in case you wanna watch. I am also starting to use to help keep me on track and count calories.
I would really love to hear feedback from all of you reading. Are you trying something new? How is your diet going? What is your workout routine?
Leave comments here or facebook.
May 9, 2013
1 week update! I know it is a couple days late but I just haven't had a chance to get my post up.
I lost 2.4 pounds this first week. I know I could have done better but I am happy with this loss.
It is very very hard to just stop eating junk food when you are so used to it. I have the hardest time at night when I want to snack on something right before bed. I have been trying to chose healthier snacks but I cannot say I was totally faithful. Shame on me but at least I am honest. I am still not drinking any soda and have been drinking lots of water. My activity level has increased as well. I am trying to be more active. I will continue to progress and would love to hear how you are all doing.
May 5, 2013 
The weekends are definitely the hardest! I am just lucky there a few healthy fats allowed. I am trying to stay strong but it is so hard when there are so many temptations and only myself to tell me no. It is like a battle of the little beings on my shoulders whispering in my ears what to do and I have such a hard time making the decision. I will continue though I am not going to give up!
May 3, 2013
I am feeling OK today. Been a little moody the last couple days. Maybe it has something to do with the lack or sugar or caffeine. Or just me... who knows. Anyway, i did good sticking to no carbs yesterday and so far have continued through this morning. I had a tuna stuffed tomato for breakfast. It was much better than I thought it would be. Today is my day for strength training. The weekend is coming up and I am determined to NOT indulge. That is a big area of concern for me. Weekends are fun times and I tend to splurge a little on the sweets. I cannot do that if I want to lose weight. I have been watching my weight closely even though "they" say you shouldn't weigh yourself daily. I have noticed a change but I will not post it until Tuesday. That will be my 1 week mark. I plan to update weight progress weekly on Tuesdays.
May 2, 2013

Yesterday I did my phase 1 cardio like suggested. I did have one little slip. I am a hardcore mt dew drinker. Up until this point I have been seriously cutting back my Mt Dew intake. I still have a little bit in a 2 liter in the fridge for cravings. I had one of those craving and it took 4 times returning to the fridge telling myself "no" before I finally gave in. I poured myself a very small amount in a cup saying to myself "I have to give into my cravings or they will just get stronger" so from this small amount I took one tiny sip! Yep... that's it one little bitty sip. Then I convinced myself it didn't even taste as good as losing this weight would. So, I poured the rest down the sink! This was a huge accomplishment for me. I am having some major snack cravings that fruit was just not helping. I did have just a few plain tortilla chips with some homemade salsa. In phase 1 there is room for a few grains so I felt like that was not too awful bad.
Today I start phase 2 which focuses on protein and veggies. Maybe I can curb some snack time cravings by snacking on some real jerky. I am working on the family as well as myself. Guess what I found in my husband lunch box after work? A DIET mt dew! For him that is an improvement even though diet stuff is no good for your either. It is at least a sign that he is trying the best he knows how!
As for the kids, I hate to cut out all their childhood fun so we have designated a "sugar day" for them. They seem to go a little crazy when you mention sugar so I think that is not a good thing. We are going to hold off on their sugar intake except for natural sugar like fruit and juice until Sundays. This way they can enjoy them without taking in too much all week long. I would like to help them build healthy eating habits now before they get set in their own ways.

How is your diet going?

April 30, 2013
Not proud but there it is... my beginning weight... 392.2
Yes that little .2 does matter. I posted my weight because I don't want
anyone else thinking of doing this to be shy or discouraged at all.
I would love to have some of my readers on board with me while I do this.
I have decided to do this. First, I need to prepare my meals. I have 3 kids and husband I will try to transform into eating healthy along the way, but for now I need to prepare my phase specific meals so I will not be tempted to eat some of the meals I make for them. I want to try whole hearted to stick to this plan. I do not have a very good track record of sticking to anything, so this will be a challenge. Do not fret if I fall off the wagon. I will get back on and try again.
Don't quote me on it but I think this recipe is a good phase 1 main course.


  1. I have been doing this diet for 3 weeks now and I am getting very frustrated. I have not cheated once and I have only lost 6 lbs. I was expecting better results by now. Today I have been debating on giving it up or finishing it.
    I hope you have better results.

    1. Thanks for reading, I have seen some results but this is only my first week so we will see. You only have one more week to go. While following the diet. I have been focusing on mostly veggies. If I don't complete this particular diet I will be doing some serious portion control and carb watching on my regular diet.

  2. Keep it up your doing good. I aint weighted myself since i started my diet but i know i have lost some weight cause my boobs are getting smaller lol. Thats the first place i always lose weight lol. Gotta start somewhere though

  3. Don't give up! I'm on my first day of phase 3 and I thought I couldn't get through after day 2 of phase 1! It was like a shock to my body (the decreased calories) and I came home both days and crashed for 3 hours. I decided that I'd rather cheat and have some caffeine than get discouraged from being so tired and give up all together. I'm really active; I have an 8 month old that I chase after and run a residential cleaning business and I just NEED some coffee! It's been going great ever since. I am surprised you haven't lost more weight... Make sure that you aren't over-doing portions or snacks. Drink tons of water! I drink at least a gallon a day. I literally carry around my gallon jug to work every day. I've lost 6 lbs in 5 days. Wow. I started 5'10 210 lbs and day 5 I'm 202 lbs. Goal weight 175 so I add a half a portion to all my meals and snacks. This diet totally works you just have to look at it like "it's only 28 days" and give it your all. She says in the book to do everything she says so do it! (Except if you need some caffeine lol) Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I have not been doing so well on sticking to it... Shame on me... I have picked back up and am trying to do better.

  4. hi Antonia! how are you doing? I am thinking of starting this diet, just ordered the book.


  5. Don't give up! I have been trying to lose weight for 8 is not easy.