Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stark Reflective Vest Review

 What they say:
GREATER VISIBILITY - Wearing a vest makes you much more noticeable from every angle. The reflective color of the vest make it so that other people see you better, earlier, and farther away than they used to when you're out walking, running or riding during the night, evening, and also foggy days and very rainy poor visibility days.

UNISEX AND ADJUSTABLE - Our reflective vest is Unisex, so it can be worn by women and men. And it is completely adjustable to fit snug or loose and still have plenty of range of motion. Fits easily and can be worn over just about anything. Waist band: 25 inches (63.5 cm) - 38 inches (96.5 cm), shoulder straps: 15 inches (38 cm) - 23 inches

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Not only is this vest great for daytime or night time use, it is also recommended for a number of different activities including: Running, biking, event traffic directing, or any low visibility situation.

COMFORTABLE - Easy to take on and off with the convenient buckle and is made with soft stretch elastic for non-restrictive configuration and full range of motion. You can throw over a jacket or over your shirt. It won't cause you to get too hot. This feather light reflective vest is a cyclist's must-have too, designed with a high front and extended back for greater on-bike visibility.

LOW MAINTENANCE - Our vest can be worn over and over again without washing it, drying it, and all the other things we do to maintain our gear and laundry. Between uses, just hang it up or fold it and put it where it's handy for the next time.

 What I think:
not restricting, easily adjustable, lightweight for easy storage between uses, highly visible, can be used in many different situations
Do I recommend?

Solid stainless steel ice cream scoop review

I am an icecreamaholic, wait, Is there such a thing? 
Well, if there is, I am one!
I have to confess something before I start this. I am a thief. I stole my mom's ice cream scoop when I moved out of her house many many moons ago. I do plan to redeem myself now though. I cannot stand plastic ice cream scoops. I also am not crazy about the ones with the squeeze release. They never work. So, when I realized you can use a steel scoop and place it in a cup of warm water before scooping it would scoop and release perfectly I was on the hunt to find a good scoop. I found it in my mother's utensil drawer. Little did I know this was merely a "good" scoop and not a "great" one. I have now found that exact "great" one. The difference is it is not hollow steel. It is made of solid steel construction and also has a comfort grip handle.
 These minor differences are enough for me to give my mom her old ugly scoop back. No sense in taking up precious space in my new kitchen drawers when one "great" ice cream scoop is all anyone really needs.

Hamilton Horse Brush Review

I shared this Hamilton Horse Brush with my mother, who actually cares more for the horses than I do and here is what she had to say about it.

I found this brush to be awesome for that final more finished appearance. It removes dirt and flattens the bristles to allow that perfect finished shiny appearance. It's non-slip grip allows for even a small child's hand to grip without slipping , for a more comfortable control. 
 I would highly recommend this brush.

Bakeitfun Silicone Baking Mat - Green Edition Review


Let's just start by saying "isn't this the cutest kid in the world?" 

I received this baking mat for review and of course my daughter had to take over the trial baking.
She loves to cook as much as I do. She equally hates washing dishes as much as I do as well. Especially when there is stuck on cookies or something else that should be deliciously perfect but instead got stuck to the pan.
Which bring me to my next point.... this baking mat has yet to stick to anything and makes cleanup a breeze.
I don't have the skills for anything too fancy to try out the measurments but they are there if I decide to get creative.
Kt, my daughter, says the measurments would be good for her play doh.... oh that kid.... Who knows what masterpiece she will be making?

 Here is what they say about it: 
SAVE TIME & MONEY: Reuse up to 2,000 times (10 years)! Spare 63 cooking spray cans and 3,879 sheets of parchment paper with this premium baking mat; HELP THE ENVIRONMENT and save up to $800 at the same time! Old bakeware will work like new with our naturally nonstick silicone; Our baking liners are very easy to clean-up, just wipe with hot soapy water after use, let air dry; Store flat or rolled.

DURABLE & RESISTANT: BakeitFun silicone baking mat resist temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (230°C), so you can take the mat out of the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven; Its reinforced FIBREGLASS MESH covered by PREMIUM FOOD GRADE SILICONE provides outstanding heat distribution, giving you better results everytime.

PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING: Our specially designed silicone baking mat HAS 2 UNIQUE FEATURES that you'll love! The RULES AND CIRCLES gives you more confidence while rolling out dough, making cookies, macarons, cheese crisps and many other kinds of cooking and baking uses; Sticky foods are no longer a concern as they slide right off.

SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Protect your children by having the most safe baking mat available on the market - It's German Food Grade approved, BPA free and FDA safe; BRING YOUR KIDS into the kitchen with joy.

Here is what I say:
Good quality, holds true to the non stick,
easily washable, love that there is such detail in the print

Would I recommend?