Monday, December 31, 2012

The Original and Awesome Green Pan

       I know during the holidays everyone does a lot of baking. But for me, I do a lot of baking ALL times of the year! My Christmas favorite is pecan pie and red velvet cake with an awesome cream cheese icing. I have found the secret to making a super moist cake is do not overcook, and use baking spray so it does not stick!
       Well, guess what! I received a set of bake ware for Christmas this year. The Original Green Pan
At first I didn't know what to think. I had seen the skillet at Walgreen's for $19.99. But, not an entire set. I thought it was one of those as seen on TV gimmick products. You know the ones, the ones that claim to be better than anything else ever!
This is the set I got.
I, of course, had to bake up some cookies right away. They were perfectly browned, even, and didn't even think about sticking to the pan. Beginners luck I think! 
Then for the real test.... a loaf of banana bread went into the loaf pan and I cringed as I poured it in without spraying the pan first. I just knew it was going to stick and become a huge waste of time and money. I was wrong! Perfect again!
OK after first washing I bet they will lose the magic. So, I have since tried the cookie sheet again and again perfect. I don't know how long these pans will retain their awesomeness (is that a word?) but for now I'm loving them. I would recommend them to anyone!
Get your own set here.  
Have fun baking!

Friday, December 28, 2012

My BzzAgent Experience

          I signed up for BzzAgent  about a month ago. After filling out many surveys I finally got asked to join a campaign. I was offered a one month free trial on Redbox Instant By Verizon. I took the offer and tried it out and I'm pleased with this experience. Here is a recap of my review for them.
              First things first, sign up was super simple. I was, at first, a little unclear exactly how to stream videos. I found the HELP section to be useful in that area. I had a little trouble picking out movies that were specifically for that purpose. I feel there could be a greater and simpler selection of streamable movies. The movies did stream flawlessly with my cable internet connection so that was a + for sure. The kiosk rentals were flawless as well. I did not experience any scratched movies like I expected with the 4 I rented. Overall I gave Redbox Instant a 4/5 due to the initial streaming fiasco. I would recommend this!

 I would also recommend signing up as a BzzAgent.


Motor Mouth Begins

   Welcome, This is going to be fun! First off, Let's start with this name. When I was very young I was always called motor mouth. I loved to talk and was not afraid to divulge vital information pertaining to my siblings and their constant adventures. I have since began to use this special skill to my own advantage. (And, yours)

      I will be bringing you some of the most awesome deals I run across during my day to day life of online shopping and couponing. I have a lot of fun doing crafts and trying my hand at couponing. I am still kind of new in the coupon department so if anyone has any tips for me I would love to hear them. I am open to any honest criticism just please be tactful. (I am only human)

      Now, About me and my family. I am a housewife and mother of 3. I try to be frugal in some areas of the household because, well I will be honest, I want to splurge on myself sometimes. I feel that if I keep costs down around the house and make a little extra money with my crafts then I can splurge on goodies for me with less guilt. ;-)  Sounds good right?!?! I think so!

      I really enjoy watching YouTube videos and have grown very fond of Renolyn. I have ordered my first Julep Maven box and waiting on that right now! I am very curious of the subscription boxes. I will probably be trying out more of them for sure. Popsugar is my next one to try I believe. I will also post reviews of certain products I try and feel need a shout about. ;-)

       You can bet that in the near future I will be posting some awesome posts for you to check out. You can also bet that the first few.... hundred.... posts will not be perfect since I am new to this. Please stick with me though I will get better I promise!  Welcome to Motor Mouth Speaks.