Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Parenting is a Process

I am a parent of three kids. Some of you may already know this. I have a son who is seventeen and just graduated high school and has completed trade school as a certified arborist. Yes, I am slightly bragging. I am so very proud I pushed that kid.
I also have two girls. They are practically grown as well at ages 10 and 13. A few things i have learned along the way are some things nobody ever taught me. Have you seen those commercials with the new mom? She has a bottle of hand sanitizer for kid one to even be held then with kid two she hands him off to the mechanic? Well I hate to tell you new mom's, that is exactly how life really is. My son was bathed daily and I made sure all his toys were picked up and put away neatly each night after his extensive bedtime routine. Things change. My youngest girl slept with me and played in the dirt. I did absolutey nothing the same.
There is an entire list of things I found that I can totally relate to. I am sure you will find a thing or two on this list as will that you changed between the first and last kid. If not then it will probably open your eyes a little to how parents of more than one kid really lives. See the full list here.