Friday, February 27, 2015

Santamedical SM-165 Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

This finger pulse oximeter is very portable as well as accurate. Perfect for the home health nurse or caregiver. Auto shutoff and case make it very convenient to carry between patients. Would also be a great addition to a home first aid kit or stored with an at home nebulizer.
My kids have always had to have breathing treatments for one reason or another. I have always been curious to know what their oxygen level is directly after a home breathing treatment. I know in the hospital it makes quite a difference but it is not always reasonable to go to the ER. This finger pulse oximeter is an easy and affordable solution and inexpensive addition to a home medicine kit.

Knife sharpener Review

I love this sharpener! I have such a hard
time sharpening my knives properly. This one mounts to the counter easily and can be removed just as easily. Safely use one hand to sharpen. On one side is step 1, a rougher coarse roller for getting the pits out of your knives and the other side step 2, is for smoothing the blade. Making for an easy operational sharpener.

I have a knife I have tried and tried to sharpen with a different sharpener and it was never successful at getting the pits and dings (tecnical term) out of the blade. I finally gave in and bought a new knife. This sharpener sharpened the old knife just as well as the new knife! Now, I have 2 perfect knives!!!  #systemsharpener

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Inheritance Review

One day, Angie, a smart, sexy woman, finds out she has inherited a totally unexpected fortune from a complete stranger. What does one do with that kind of information? Who is Wilcox, and why did he give her all his worldly possessions?
Follow this intriguing tale of theft, love, and riches, as Angie unravels the past.

My opinion....
This is a great read and allows for your mind to wander off into someone else's life for a while. Thrilling and suspenseful.

AloeCure Review

There are just some things I cannot stomach. This product is supposed to calm the acids in your stomach. I, however, was not able to take enough to see if it would actually work to calm the acids. The taste is very thick and had a taste that reminded me of chlorine water. I was able to try both the regular and the grape flavor and have to admit the regular was better than the grape. If you can handle the taste then it may just work for you. My mother was able to try it and after hearing all the benefit of aloe she was willing to give it a go throughout a bottle. She said it does seem to have settled her stomach somewhat and she is continuing to try it.

Kukpo Can opener Review

Call me old fashioned but I despise electric can openers. I have always depended on good old hand can openers. I am always on the hunt for a good one. And, by good one, I mean one that cranks easily, feels comfortable in my hand and opens the can with ease.
I have found all of those qualities in this Kukpo Can opener.
I love it and I think you will too!
You can find it on Amazon.

Insect Excavation Kit Review

My kids are such explorers. They are always hunting bug and critters outside but are never able to get one alive and still intact. We have been so lucky to have the chance to review this bug excavation kit.
My husband and girls had so much fun digging out the bugs.
This is what they found, three little glass beads with preserved critters inside. This kit came complete with a little magnifying glass to observe the details.
We all had a lot of fun with this kit and it would make a perfect gift for the explorer in your family.