Friday, February 27, 2015

Knife sharpener Review

I love this sharpener! I have such a hard
time sharpening my knives properly. This one mounts to the counter easily and can be removed just as easily. Safely use one hand to sharpen. On one side is step 1, a rougher coarse roller for getting the pits out of your knives and the other side step 2, is for smoothing the blade. Making for an easy operational sharpener.

I have a knife I have tried and tried to sharpen with a different sharpener and it was never successful at getting the pits and dings (tecnical term) out of the blade. I finally gave in and bought a new knife. This sharpener sharpened the old knife just as well as the new knife! Now, I have 2 perfect knives!!!  #systemsharpener

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