Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Solid stainless steel ice cream scoop review

I am an icecreamaholic, wait, Is there such a thing? 
Well, if there is, I am one!
I have to confess something before I start this. I am a thief. I stole my mom's ice cream scoop when I moved out of her house many many moons ago. I do plan to redeem myself now though. I cannot stand plastic ice cream scoops. I also am not crazy about the ones with the squeeze release. They never work. So, when I realized you can use a steel scoop and place it in a cup of warm water before scooping it would scoop and release perfectly I was on the hunt to find a good scoop. I found it in my mother's utensil drawer. Little did I know this was merely a "good" scoop and not a "great" one. I have now found that exact "great" one. The difference is it is not hollow steel. It is made of solid steel construction and also has a comfort grip handle.
 These minor differences are enough for me to give my mom her old ugly scoop back. No sense in taking up precious space in my new kitchen drawers when one "great" ice cream scoop is all anyone really needs.

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