Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Best Cookies Ever!!!!

Everyone needs cookies for Christmas. Santa likes cookies, mom likes cookies, dad likes cookies, grandpa likes cookies (even though Dr says he shouldn't), 
and nobody can argue about grandmas cookies!
I think, well, I thought I made the best cookies ever....

That is until I tried Bart's Cookies!
 I have always thought of cookies as little flat pieces of sweet dough flavored with your favorite morsels. These cookies are far from flat, but they are definitely flavored with my favorite morsels.
These cookies are baked by Bart HIMSELF!
He started baking back in his college days and has perfected the art of baking these little bites of heaven!
I received a dozen +2 to try out and review, like he doesn't already know these are the best cookies around!
There are many varieties to choose from:
Milk Chocolate Chip
Dark Chocolate Chip
Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip + Macadamia Nuts
Peanut Butter + Milk Chocolate Chips
and Gluten Free!!!!

I got the White Chocolate + Macadamia Nuts

and the Peanut Butter + Milk Chocolate Chip.
They are soooooooooooo good I don't want to stop!
I have to share with the kids so I better not eat them all. They love trying out new yummy goodies just like I do!  I took the pictures with that bottle of nail polish to show just how plump these little guys are. That is NOT a tiny bottle either. Oh and did I mention these are the B-Bites? These are the little cookies! Take a look at this video for the comparison of the B-Mo's and the B-Bites.


 OH One more thing!!!! Bart is generous enough to allow one reader a chance to try out a dozen of these delicious cookies for free! As you all know..... My blogiversary is coming up and on that day lots of prizes will be given. Including one from Bart's Cookies! So stay tuned!!!!!
Disclaimer: I received these cookies free to review! My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  2. chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip.. would love to try.