Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY: Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes

Why do we always have to imitate what we see on TV? Good question.... but, if you were hoping for an answer.... I'm sorry.  I don't have one for you!
My girls have been obsessed with YouTube lately. They watched a DIY video for Halloween costumes for one of their favorite movie characters.
Dorothy, You know that adventurous young lady from The Wizard of Oz!
My adventurous little girls have decided they BOTH want to be Dorothy for Halloween. Lucky me, I have been assigned the costume making task! Yes, I know it is only July but they also want to wear their costume NOW! Or at least this part of it anyway.
They have insisted the shoes can be worn on a regular basis not just for the costume.
Their argument, "Dorothy wore them all the time so why can't we?"
Who can argue with that?
So we are going to take this old ordinary worn out ugly shoe and turn it into my little girls' dream!
All you need is some Mod Podge, sponge paint brush, glitter, and spray adhesive.
I used a pizza box as the tray to collect excess glitter and protect my table.
This will get messy.
A couple things you may want to do...
  1. Some disposable gloves would be great in keeping the glue from being all over your hands. I used some homemade salt scrub (salt, baby oil, and vitamin E) and it got every last bit of glue off my hands flawlessly! 
  2. Masking tape along the soles would do well in keeping the glitter off the soles if you want it to be a more precise edge.
I did neither of those things but I am sure they would have been helpful. 
    Please, forgive me for not taking an "in progress" picture.
    This was really very easy... messy, but easy.
     I made sure to start with clean or at least fairly clean shoes.
     First you use the sponge paint brush and "paint" the Mod Podge onto the surfaces of the shoes you would like to be glitterfied. Don't waste time so the glue is still wet when you sprinkle on the glitter. Which happens to be the next step. I sprinkled the glitter generously and collected the excess and reused it.
    When I finished with the glitter, I sprayed the spray adhesive over the glitter surface of the shoes to protect them from losing the glitter when it dried. However, the spray took away a lot of the shine from the glitter and we just couldn't have that!
    So I just sprinkled a little more glitter over the spray just to give it a little sparkle.
     I am hoping this will protect the glitter while allowing a little shine without leaving tracks of glitter all over my house.
This is what it looks like.. Pretty big difference huh?
I think they are super adorable.

And the complete finished project! I think this was a very simple project despite the mess.

My kids are happy and we all know THAT is what matters!!!

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