Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Talk Bums

So, what is the most sensitive subject we could possibly talk about?
(did I even spell that right?)
Whatever you want to call it, It has to be clean.
I have discovered the most amazing tool for that job!
Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes
Such a cute little dispenser to keep the unmentionables unmentioned.
I even received 2 travel size packs to give to friends.
These wipes are so nice to use because we all know dry toilet paper doesn't always do the job!
Wetness is sometimes needed for that extra clean feeling.
I shared one of the travel size packs with my mom who was slightly embarrassed to have her picture taken to be apply to such a sensitive topic... but who cares??
So here she is loving the free stuff! 
Afterwards, I asked her to tell me how she liked the wipes and her opinion was just as positive as mine.....
"They make me feel so fresh and so clean"
So there you have it....
Go get ya some Cottonelle FreshCare Wipes and have a clean bum!!!!

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned for free to review. My opinion was not influenced in any way.

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