Friday, October 18, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Oh how we love chicken around here! So I was thrilled when I received the invite to a BzzCampaign  reviewing Maggi So Juicy, I immediately went and accepted.
BzzAgent sent me a few packets free for review purposes and some coupons to share with my friends. How nice of them.
I tried making the first batch of chicken last night and it was so good I didn't even get pics.  It was gone in a flash but I can assure you.... The chicken was amazing.... I used the 2 packs of
Italian Countryside first. I had to make 2 because of our big family. My husband likes the chicken breasts and my kids like thighs so I always make thighs and breasts. I used one bag for the breasts and one bag for the kids' thighs.
After about 40 minutes the chicken breasts were done and ready to come out of the oven but the thighs, being longer cooking dark meat, took the full hr. Which is about what I expected.
I was so happy with the results of the breasts. They were so juicy and full of flavor. It was amazing!
The thighs turned out very good as well but I kind of like the crispier skin on my oven thighs better than how it turned out here. But, I must note..... The instructions didn't say I could even make thighs this way probably because of this. The thighs were also very flavorful and the kids had no complaints! Everyone was pleased!
What’s better than a delicious, home-cooked chicken dinner that’s juicy and tender? Easy — finding the key to cooking it is at select Kroger-owned stores! Look for all four varieties at your local store for a suggested price of $1.79; they should be shelved near spices and other seasoning mixes:
  • Italian Countryside Herb Blend
  • Savory Garlic & Tomato with a Hint of Chili
  • Mediterranean Herb Medley with Rosemary
  • Rustic Tomato & Paprika

For more details on the MAGGI® SO JUICY line and suggested recipes to try with each of the blends, visit Maggi today.

Disclaimer: I received this product free to review from Bzzagent. My opinion was not influenced in any way.

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