Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Campbells Tasters Products and Recipes

I am lucky to be chosen as a Campbell's taster so over the next few days I will be sharing the dishes I am trying out to #discovercampbells new products. I hope you enjoy the meals I share and if you try any of them, I would love to see the results and hear your opinion.

This was my box of goodies I got to test out recipes and enjoy. 
 There are lots of goodies here and I couldn't wait to get started.
Day 1 of this #CampbellsTasters adventure featured some kicked up Tatertot Casserole. 

This is a simple recipe my family loves. Originally this casserole was just cream of mushroom soup with ground beef topped with tater tots and cheese, I decided to mix it up by using some creamy poblano & queso soup along with the cream of mushroom and a can of milk. I mixed the soup mixture, tatertots, ground meat, and a can of mushrooms together and poured into a 9x13 pan. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. We absolutely loved it like this! 

I will be updating this post daily with the new recipes I try each day! Stay Tuned!!! 

Ok So I didn't update daily because I got word to save for some special events.... but anyway....
 Day 2 We had Loaded Potato Soup on that first cold night of the season. It was amazing and something I have been wanting to try but had not really found a recipe that looked easy enough.
The recipe for this was on the back of the cream starters box. 
Tonight we are having Parmesan Chicken.... 
 I don't really think there is a need to remind you of the ease of using these products. They are full of flavor but so easy and quick that even the busiest families can enjoy them.

Day Whatever this is.... I have lost count! But I did manage to snap pics each night I cooked using my Campbells products. The Light Alfredo sauce tasted just like the regular stuff so I felt a little better thinking I was being a little healthier.

 I used the Savory Portabello Soup for easy cooking to make beef stroganoff and it was so very flavorful. I loved it and had to see what other varieties of this soup there was.
 I found this sweet onion soup for easy cooking and the recipe for mini meatloaves looked mighty good. I made it exactly like the recipe called and it was easy and amazing! I will be making this again very very soon.
 I have been loving all the differen sauces that ake my kitchen time so easy. It makes choosing the right spices so easy. I am the worst at knowing what to use to flavor my roasts. This slow cooker sauce was fully flavored all I had to do was pour it in!

 My hubby loves this soup on baked potatoes. He insists hat I get more and it is so easy he can do it himself!
 Oh, Speaking of the hubby.... He is also really enjoying the sea salt and clam V8 juice! I couldn't get him to pose for a picture though. :(

 So, I may not have kept on track with updating this blog daily but I did very much enjoy experimenting with some new products. I have always been a lover of Campbells Products and these new products are no different!

This is a #sponsored post. I was provided products for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my honest opinions.

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