Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bark Control Pro Review

I am a little torn between using this bark control collar or just dealing with the barking.  I don't want to be  "mean" to my dog but I also don't like being kept up all night either.
I found this to be easy to operate and adjustable to not be so rough on the dog. It can give a gentle reminder or a "knock ya on your butt" reminder. The collar seems to be good quality and the clip is holding up well. 

Here is what they say:

  • PUT A STOP TO UNWANTED BARKING: The most effective automatic anti barking collar on the market corrects with "static pulse reminders" that are effective without being harmful.
  • BIG OR LITTLE DOGS WHO CARES! Adjustable strap and multiple correction settings from "timid" to "stubborn" will fit almost all dog sizes and temperaments
  • WATERPROOF, ON/OFF SWITCH & LONG BATTERY LIFE! The 3 BIGGEST complaints with automatic collars solved in the same product! Customers report battery life of 6-18 months
  • NOT SOME CHEAP KNOCKOFF! Designed & Engineered right here at home with microchip processors built and programmed in Washington
  • SO WHY US? 100% satisfaction guarantee isn't a catch phrase with us. We have built a reputation on Amazon (just check our seller rating) of making it right no matter what!

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