Monday, August 28, 2017

Affordable Smart Home

    Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a commission if you purchase from my link.

   Picture this, You have been out all day shopping. Your are tired, it's a lot later than you planned, and you know it's pitch dark in your house. If only there were some way to turn the lights on before you get home, so you don't have to stumble into the darkness with arms full of bags. Would you like to take a peek inside your home while you are away? Keeping an eye on those pesky teens, who are old enough to stay home but you just want to be sure everything is safe and sound! Or, keeping an eye on the sleeping baby in the next room! You are in luck! All of this is available in one affordable package!! I was lucky enough to receive this package to review straight from Vivitar. It is the Vivitar Wi-Fi Smart home/office Remote Control System.
  This set includes a camera, a smart bulb, and a smart plug. Everything hooks up to your home WiFi allowing it to be controlled via an app on your Android or Apple device. The installation and setup process was a bit challenging due to some "bugs" in the app. But, I finally got it all working! 
          The smart bulb took a few tries to get it to connect but once I got it going it was pretty cool. The app has everything you need to control the bulb. You can adjust brightness, color, craft a fun scene, and even set a timer for turning the light on and off remotely. It will work in an overhead light fixture or in a lamp. Just have to have the main switch on and then everything else is controlled by the app. 

     The smart plug allows you to toggle power, and set a timer for the devices you have plugged in. This plug would be great use for a lamp that you would want to turn on to deter strangers or allow yippy some light when coming into a dark home. Just plug the device into the smart plug turn the power on and then you can remotely control it from your app. Easy peasy!

I like to set the timer to turn the lamp on in the evenings that way we are greeted into a well lit home. The timer has full customization to certain days or times. You can adjust it however you like.

               I have saved my favorite part for last! The camera is simple to hook up, install and use! It is so cool, too, because it has 2 way audio. So if your little one is going down for a nap, you can speak gently to calm them without having to go in and disturb the sleep tyke. The camera picks up great video in light or dark rooms. The dark screenshot was in complete darkness and I love how you can still see the entire room clearly. During the daytime, the video does show in color. It picks up audio clearly but the speaker to talk back from the app is not adjustable and therefore isn't very loud. I wouldn't trade it though! I still like the way it all works easily from my tablet. 

          Well, that's my take on this cool system. I'm so glad I was able to try this product. I am now thinking about getting a few additional accessories to add onto the setup. Additional bulbs, cameras, outlets and even a doorbell camera can be added to build your system to fit your needs. 

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