Friday, December 28, 2012

My BzzAgent Experience

          I signed up for BzzAgent  about a month ago. After filling out many surveys I finally got asked to join a campaign. I was offered a one month free trial on Redbox Instant By Verizon. I took the offer and tried it out and I'm pleased with this experience. Here is a recap of my review for them.
              First things first, sign up was super simple. I was, at first, a little unclear exactly how to stream videos. I found the HELP section to be useful in that area. I had a little trouble picking out movies that were specifically for that purpose. I feel there could be a greater and simpler selection of streamable movies. The movies did stream flawlessly with my cable internet connection so that was a + for sure. The kiosk rentals were flawless as well. I did not experience any scratched movies like I expected with the 4 I rented. Overall I gave Redbox Instant a 4/5 due to the initial streaming fiasco. I would recommend this!

 I would also recommend signing up as a BzzAgent.


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