Monday, June 3, 2013

Julep Maven June 2013

I am sad to have to report I am cancelling my subscription with Julep Maven.
Not quite worth $20 to me.

The most awful colors this month.
I loved the May box since it featured other beauty items, however I was not happy with this month's box at all. Why did I not just skip? You may be asking yourself... Well I would have had I received an email letting me know my choices for this month. I am guessing since the email schedule was a little in shambles considering it was over memorial day weekend this month. So I was not complaining about getting the box until I received it and was so very displeased with these polishes. I have a collection of many many polishes just like many other ladies my age. I want to think I could spot differences in quality polishes! I received Kennedy and Martha. Kennedy was a yellow/green color not unlike baby poo and very thin and opaque. Martha on the other hand was not opaque but a milky pink color that was also very thin and did not go on smooth at all. I would gladly send this box back to you for a refund but I did like the taffy and I enjoyed those one at a time to be sure I got my entire $20 worth out of them. As for the DD Crème.... I gave it a small test and it seems ok but we will see when I get out in the sun. So goodbye Julep Maven It was nice knowing you and I wish there was more I could have gotten from your company.
I am also including this link to my past reviews that I have posted.

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  1. Yeah I skipped this month because I didn't like the colors for It Girl either. I meant to skip last month but I missed the deadline being sick. Wasn't impressed with those colors either. I usually do skip only getting them once in a great while when a color really wowz me! They do have a beauty one now too that rarely includes nail polish have you checked that one out? I almost switched instead of skipped to try the BB cream but seeing how small the bottle is (okay deluxe sized sample, but I thought it was going to be a full sized bottle) I'm glad I didn't! - Sarah Lee