Friday, August 30, 2013

Fastest Meatloaf Cooking in History - Redmond Salts Review

Hello my friends!!!
I told ya I was gonna make meatloaf a couple nights ago and guess what!?!?! I did....
Did I get pictures? You ask...
Nope sure didn't! Let me just tell you why.
I had to make an after school evening hours trip to the store which put me back on time cooking dinner. When I finally got home and was in the kitchen cooking the kids decided they wanted to be right there with me telling me how they were simply starving to death because dinner wasn't "on time" Geez.... what kids..... So I had to rush dinner.... I grabbed my ground beef, bread crumbs, an onion, chili sauce and my Redmond Salts to set off on the fastest meatloaf cooking in history.
I make a very simple meatloaf. I just threw all those ingredients into a bowl and mixed just until combined. If you over mix It will not be juicy and delicious. It will be a tight clump of meat who wants that? However, It happens a lot that is why so many people hate meatloaf and say theirs is like brick.
So chili sauce you say? Yup, You know that stuff from Heinz....
That stuff is so good on meatloaf because it has a nice little kick to it unlike plain ole ketchup.
The next thing.... Redmond Real Organic Salts
I used the Onion and Garlic Salts for this recipe but will for sure be using the seasoning salts as well very soon.
This was my first time using these salts and they tasted great. I am just now trying to use more all natural and organic products. So I hope to start seeing more of a difference soon.
So back to this fast cooking meatloaf.
After tossing in everything and barely mixing it, I gently shaped the big ball of goo into a fairly flat loaf shape and poked a couple indentions into the center with my finger to open it up a little. This increases the cooking time by allowing more of the warmth into the meat. Much the same way smaller potatoes cook faster.
At this point I am really wishing I had taken pictures. I am also really wishing the kids would move on to other rooms of our home... No such luck!
So about 45 minutes later..... DING dinners done!
 The kids are happy and not even close to near death like they thought. They did finish their food and with a mean burp and "mmm not bad manners, just good food" They were off to get ready for bed.
Disclaimer: The product(s) mentioned were given free to review, however all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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