Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Redmond Earthpaste Review

Time to brush!!!
Words most kids dread hearing. My kids have finally gotten to the point where they don't mind brushing their teeth but are still a little picky about flavor. I am sure glad to find something that may satisfy their tastes and allow them to get the job done happily.
I received this Earthpaste, named so because of it's all natural ingredients, for free to review.
This Earthpaste comes in 4 flavors, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Lemon.
I received the wintergreen and lemon.
The first thing I noticed was the great scent out of each tube as I peeled back the inner seal. The next thing that struck my eye was the color of this stuff. It is a tan color not like white or green gel like I was used to. Looks kinda unappealing but, for all of you who are going natural, know that white is not the norm for all natural items anyway.
As I explore farther into this Earthpaste,  read the box and it says, "No Glycerin, No Fluoride, From the earth, No Artificial Coloring, and No Foaming Agents"
Now correct me if I am wrong but isn't fluoride the stuff that prevents cavities?
That was my first thought after reading the box.
And the kids lemon flavored box also read, "Safe To Eat" so no worries about swallowing.
 So onward we go... I tried out both flavors and they both were equally tasty for me. 
 There was no crazy hot taste or burning feeling like with traditional toothpastes.
It was a little weird brushing my teeth and there being no foam in my mouth. So I felt a little unsure about the cleanliness.
My kids also tried these for the first time. My son who is very finicky about textures and hotness really liked the fact it didn't foam up. He also was pleased with both flavors as well.
So overall I do like this toothpaste but I am a little concerned on it's effectiveness towards fighting cavities. At a cost of $7.99 per tube, It is clear you are paying for it to be "All Natural" so that definitely needs to be a factor in your buying decision.

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