Friday, February 15, 2013

Cooking Light Selects Cravebox

Cooking Light Selects

Start Your year off light!

Intro cards... blah but there was also a cooking light booklet with some great tips.

I am such a pasta-holic.
 I love this! Barilla is always a step above.

Belvita again. I'm kinda seeing the same stuff.
But at least this one is a good repeat.

Trident gum .... the flavor lasts and lasts.
Hubby will sure take this to work with him!

YUMMMM this is a new one for me... Snackwells delicious.

7up 10 calorie. Lower on calories but tastes just like diet.

Same ole SunRype but another good one I don't mind getting more and more of!!

Overall I still love Cravebox! This was well worth what was paid for it.
To learn more about Cravebox go here.
If you sign up please add Antonia37355 to your "about me" section.
I hope you enjoy Cravebox as much as I do!

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