Friday, February 15, 2013

Puppy Paws Update

Our sweet little puppy Chyna is beginning to be a pretty good little dog. She is sure growing into a pretty big little dog. We started out feeding her those packets of soft chewy food, she was growing but it didn't seem to really be filling her out like it should. Then we started mixing it with Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition. You gotta go for cost effectiveness as well when you buy a 50 lb bag a week. Anyway, still not really much weight gain. Then we decided to go for the Ol' Roy High Performance with 27grams of protein. After finishing off one bag both dogs are showing a big difference. Chyna and Joker both are now filling out nicely and getting solid muscle not just fat. We know fat isn't healthy. So glad we finally got something to work and they are doing so good on it.

Chyna has grown pretty close to all of the family. She gets super excited when the kids come home and tries nipping at their pant legs. Any suggestions to stop that will be much appreciated.

She is learning to sit, but has ants in her fur most of the time. She bounces around a lot. I have gotten her used to going outside on a leash so the house training is going pretty well. I feel like I have a little baby again. You remember those days when little baby toys are all over the floor? Every step you take... squeak! That is exactly what it is like here thank to some donations from the neighbor, we sure wouldn't buy that many toys for a dog ! hahaha
Anyway better go find her it is awful calm, usually a sign of an impending chewed up ... something!

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