Friday, February 8, 2013

Anthony's Thoughts

Its intresting how life seems to surround everyone though nobody seems to notice. Everyday life is challenged. Everyday everyone is challenged. People have many questions to ask but they only worry about the big one. What is going to happen tommorrow? Never does a person ask themself how yesterday went, never do they ask how today is going to change tommorrow, only the people you care about can change your life. Of course anyone can injure, hurt, or kill you but no matter what happens you always have those that care about you. Some may say that their life is dead, they say there is no meaning. The only way to know if that is true is if they believe that for the rest of their life. Even those who are joyous about life may find misery in their hearts. No matter what, you can never know what is truly in a mans heart. Never will you be able to learn everything about anyone, because after one question is answered millions more come to mind. If life looks bleak remember these words: side by side or miles apart dear friends are always close to the heart. In the past many have come close to death they have died over and over again just to learn that they shall live on in love. There is war, the is time, but most of all there are problems. Though these words sound bad they are the only word needed to live your life to the fullist and to see the future it may bring. For death is only but the next great adventure.

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