Friday, May 3, 2013

Ivory 2 in1 Hair and Body Wash

Spring time is here and so is spring cleaning... I know I am planning some serious spring cleaning this week. The first room I will be tackling is the bathroom! I hate my shower being cluttered up with bottle and bottles of mess. Shampoo and conditioner for me, kiddie shampoo for the kids, men's shampoo and body wash for the hubs, my body wash, and the kids body wash because they waste all mine... ugh I hated just typing all that can you imagine what my shower looks like! I will spare you a pic. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Ivory 2 in1 hair and body wash by Influenster. The were nice enough to send me a full size bottle to try for free. I am so happy to announce I have already rid my shower of most of those bottles I just mentioned. This stuff is so great on our hair and body and after pricing some in the store it is rather affordable in comparison to what I have been spending on multiple bottles of other stuff. Now if I just keep the kids from wasting it! Any tips?
Disclaimer: Product(s) mentioned above were given to me free to review.
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