Thursday, May 16, 2013

Look Good Feel Good Cravebox (part 2)

I am the biggest Cravebox addict I know. I did not order the first Look Good Feel Good box and I totally regretted it. So when the Part 2 was announced I jumped on it! I am SO freaking glad I did too. It was $22 and I got it as an instant box so it shipped the next day.
 Less than a week later I was so excited to see my mail carrier with this beautiful blue box!
 I first noticed these two matching boxes so I just had to tear into them....
I have heard good things about Amore Pacific but have never actually tried anything from them.
In this box I received the treatment cleansing foam and Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System... a hydrating facial spritz. I spritzed my face right away and it was a cool refreshing feeling not like just water. I have not used the foaming cleanser yet though but will tonight.
A 4.1 tube of the cleansing foam is regular $50.
I am not sure how much is in this bottle but a 2.7oz bottle of the spritz is $35. 
The next thing I grabbed up was a huge jar of Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Tropical Mango scent.
It smells amazing and I used it on my hands right away and it made them so soft.
This 18 ounce jar retails at $6.59 on Amazon.

I also got 2 tubes of Jergens Natural Glow and Protect Daily Moisturizer and it gradually creates natural looking color. One tube I received was for light skin shades and one was for medium shades. I think I will start with the light and make sure I don't turn orange then maybe try the medium.
The 6oz tube at Walgreens is $8.99.

I have been loving lip gloss lately so I love this as well. Mary Kay NouriShine plus lip gloss.
I got the shade Pink Parfait and it retails for $14 from the Mary Kay catalog.

I also got a Garden Botanika Body bar in Oatmeal and peppermint. Also smells amazing!
 This bar retails for $14 for 2 bars.

Then I came to the BIC Soleil Bella Razor.... a single pack. This isn't my favorite razor but I am not complaining.
Retails for $5.04 for a 3 pack

I received this a few boxes ago in the Book and Beauty Cravebox and I loved it! By the way take a look at what I had to say about the Book and Beauty Cravebox.... It is still available for Instant purchase from the Cravebox site.  
This conditioner retails for $5.47 from Walmart for the 8.45 oz tube.

I loved everything I got in this box and it was well worth the $22. If you want to get technical the full size lip gloss and full size sugar scrub paid for the entire box. But lets not forget the amazing Amore Pacific stuff... whew I am so excited I need to go wash my face!
Check out Cravebox and sign up for all the most recent updates... It costs nothing to sign up you only get charges if you actually order a box. So no commitment! Make sure to put in the about me section of your profile that Antonia37355 referred you and maybe I can get a box and do a giveaway soon!
Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money and was not compensated in any way.


  1. Great Blog!!! I Didn't Get This One Yet ,But It Looks Like I Need To Get It! Thanks For The Post.Now I Know What I Want To Order.

  2. Oh man I got that one to! Totally worth the money, and I wish I would have bought more than one! I went back as soon as I received it to order another but they were sold out! I love that body scrub, I thought I would hate the mango smell but I adore it! Hubby likes it too when I use it! The rest of the stuff was great as well! - Sarah Lee