Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet and Smokey Turkey Breast Cutlets

This will be recipe #2 for my Cravebox Pinterest Contest
I am adapting this recipe from the Sweet and Smokey Salmon with Orange salsa that McCormick has on their site.
In my version I am using:
Turkey Breast Cutlets
Mandarin Oranges
McCormick Southwest Sweet and Smokey Seasoning
vegetable oil

First you want to get your turkey cutlets into a delicious marinade.
I am making just a couple pieces. I also don't usually measure my ingredients I like to "eyeball" them.
So, for the marinade I used about  3tbsp vegetable oil, 1/4 orange juice,
a pinch of garlic infused sea salt, orange bits,
 and McCormick Southwest Seasoning.

I placed 3 turkey cutlets, which by the way are just whole turkey breasts slided into 1/4 cuts, into the marinade then covered and refrigerated while I made the salsa.

 Simple Salsa.... diced onion and tomato with some more orange bits just rough chopped.

Toss into a small bowl with a tsp of the southwest seasoning.
Don't worry it's natural and salt free! 
I love my George Foreman Indoor Grill so that is what I am going to use for this recipe!
I just grilled up my Turkey cuts until they were done completely
and topped with the sweet and smoky salsa!

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