Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conscious Box April 2013

I received my first Conscious Box for free from the company to review.
Conscious Box is the best way to discover the most ethical and
sustainable products on the planet! Focusing on strict tenets of organic, fair trade,
and pure and natural products, each month Conscious Box will introduce you to healthy and honest alternatives for every aspect of your life and for every member of your family.

You have a hoice to receive Classic , vegan, and gluten free.
I received the classic box. I have mixed feelings about the packaging.
I received a box within a box which doesnt seem the most eco friendly way to go. I understand the reason for this was due to the delicacy of the inner box. It was not thick enough to be shipped alone.
The inner box did, however, have a cut-out in the lid with a post card showing through the hole to create a nice scene. To make it more eco friendly this can be used to regift the box to a friend using a cute picture picked specifically for that friend.
Anyway..... Let's get into this box....

Cram packed full of goodies!
Including a postcard complete to send out to whomever you choose!

I have Gone Nuts to think I can live without these nuts! My first thought was they were very strong with garlic but I ended up loving them and ate the entire bag and regretted every minute afterwards.

I did not get a chance to try this particular bag of chips from Beanfield's but I have had them before and was quite pleased.

Everly kickstarter water enhancer I beleive I haven't tried this yet.

Natural Veggie wash cleans your fruits and veggies without any yucky chemicals!
BWC Beauty without cruelty shampoo.

Seventh generation Mandarin Facial cleansing cloths and $1.50 off coupon. I will be reviewing more seventh generation products soon. I will included the full review of this into that post.
Naturally It's Clean floor cleaner powered by enzymes not chemicals.

Nurturme Plump Peas I have never seen these before and I have no babies at home so if someone wants this just gimme a shout!

Totlogic Body Lotion

Refine Hebal Healing serum I did try this stuff out becuase it is quite expensive and I just had to know how well it worked. I may not have been able to use enough to tell a big difference but being $50 per ounce it better be good.
Overall I loved all the products I got in my conscious box. I think they have a nice variety of products not only food products but household goods as well.
Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free to review. Regardless, My opinions are true and I only recommend products I believe to be good for my readers.

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  1. So cool you got to try it for free =-) I love them!