Sunday, January 19, 2014

Detangle your morning routine.

Picture this.....
getting ready for church or school and fighting through the tangles of your little girl's hair in a last ditch effort to make her look the part of the innocent little girl she is.
NOOOOO it doesn't have to be a dream!
I, as most of you already know, have 3 kids. 2 of which are girls and with 2 very different hair types.
I have one super straight and easily combed hair little blondie and a curly frizzy wild haired red head.
The first one I mentioned is very easy to manage.
The red head, however, is completely different.
I have struggled and struggled for a long time trying to get her hair under control.
I have never been one for using products and didn't like to put chemicals on my own
no less my kids' hair.
Which brought me to search the web for something gentle and natural.
I located Original Sprout and contacted them about reviewing their products.
They graciously sent me a couple things I hoped would come in handy.
I got the curl calmer and miracle detangler.
OMG! This stuff impressed me immediately.
First of all the Miracle Detangler fresh out of the shower is a lifesaver on tangled hair.
I don't know how kids manage to tangle their hair so bad in the shower.
The champion of detanglers, our professional, QUICK RELEASE formula makes tough tangles history. Our number one selling Miracle Detangler is essential. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless. Leaves hair silky, soft & naturally fresh. Combing is fast, painless & safe. Glide through hair with organic & natural ingredients. Use any time for a freshly washed feeling or to calm frizzies!
Then the  Curl Calmer is a cream and we didn't need much. Kt's hair is not
really curly all over but in places. I find that odd, by the way.
For babies & up, families love our Curl Calmer. Tight, medium, frizzy curls & waves relax, leaving hair glossy and silky soft. Poofy, dry tresses soak up soothing moisture leaving locks stronger & softer. Helps strengthen & protect against breakage with jojoba protein. Never crunchy or sticky. Relax & enjoy clean feeling, silky frizz free gorgeous locks.
I used the products together and separately and found them
to both create a more tolerable morning routine.

The curl calmer did help to create a much softer and smoother texture to her hair.
I did use a low heat straightener on the ends just a little to finish up.
Even though, It wasn't really necessary to create a sleek look.
I do recommend Original Sprout if natural and Organic products appeal to you.
Disclaimer: I received the products above free for review. I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Wow That it's awesome!!! It looks fantastic.I bet KT it's so happy.I first realize her hair was so long!