Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Easy Snacks for Gameday

Game day is gonna be a cinch with these easy peasy Farm Rich snacks!
 I couldn't be happier than knowing I will have it easy on Sunday and I can sit and watch the commercial games,
I mean uhhhh Superbowl....
without cooking all freaking day!

Most of these you can just pop in the oven
and viola 10-15 minutes later wah-bam you got yourself some tasty snacks.
I love taking the meatballs and just dumping the bag
along with a bottle of BBQ sauce in slow cooker and letting it simmer.
Throughout the evening these are perfect to scoop out and much on.

The chili cheese bites and the mozzarella sticks are super awesome.
They are not just logs of cheese they actually have the chili and marinara inside.
That sure does make for a delicious snack.
I have to say my favorite snack, though, is the jalapeno poppers.
Even my little girl loves them.
Make you game day, or any day, for that matter...
easy snacking with Farm Rich Snacks!

Disclaimer: I was provided this item free for review purposes. My opinions are all my own and not influenced in any way.

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