Friday, January 17, 2014

Treasure Dust - Fail

Time to make snacks for school.
Now, I want to start off by saying that I did not have to take a snack every day for school.
I came home from school and went for the fridge and grabbed some junk and munched down
until that "after school deadly hunger" was gone.
So now apparently the kids are starving if you don't send them a snack to have between breakfast and lunch. Mind you lunch is usually around 11....
Anyway rant over.
So I have the duty to send a snack everyday. Of course, being the awesomely fantastic cool mom that I am, I send candy bars and cookies. NOT!!!
I have to send something not quite as junk foodish.
The kids love trail mix and since trying Trixi's Treasures Treasure Mix they want more.
I had received some samples and reviewed them here.
After trying it I wanted to make up my own mixture of goodies and add the flavor myself.
So I contacted the company and asked about their Treasure Dust. They were so gracious to send me a couple bags of the dust mixture to try out and review for them.
I will go ahead and tell you I should have just left it to the professionals.
Treasure dust comes in different varieties but after trying the pre made kind I requested the original because it is our favorite.
Inside the package looks like sugar.
All you need is a cup of any type of oil, a bag of mix and a couple roasting pans
 along with your goodies to mix.
The beginning..... and where I went wrong!
I wanted to use all natural coconut oil for the oil.
I melted it and poured 1 cup into a small pot on the stove to heat.
I feel like I did an ok job of heating it gently.

Time to add the dust. I poured gently and stirred while pouring but was no use.
It clumped and was very hard to dissolve.
Maybe I didn't heat the oil enough. 
I kept mixing and breaking up the clumps.  Them my dust transformed
into a big gooey blob of mess.
At this point, The kids are coming in and wondering what the smell is.
I am frantically stirring and trying to make this stuff look right.
There are instructions on the package as well as detailed with pictures on the website.
I knew exactly what I was doing.
I was doing something wrong!

I am stil trying and trying to make this blob become normal but the
smell of this coconut oil and burning sugar was not making for a nice aroma in my house.
Ok, I give up. Toss it out.

I am so thankful I received 2 bag of dust to play with.
I am trying again with butter this time.

The butter melted nicely and I think I am just a little more comfortable using
something I know more about.
I heated the butter and mixed in the dust and it was definitely different this time.
The butter dust mixed with the butter perfectly and turned to a creamy
caramel like substance. 
Oh so creamy.....
I ladled it across my perfectly chosen mixture of a few different cereals,
sesame sticks and cheese crackers.
Some of the kids favorites.
This part was not difficult at all.
I ladled all of the mixture and tried to get
everything coated well with the mixture. 
I then divided it all into 2 pans as directed and popped it into the
275 degree preheated oven.
Bake for approximately 90 minutes according to the directions but I think
that was a little too long for my oven. 
I started to smell it after about an hour.
I should have taken it out of the oven then but again
I waited until closer to the 90 minute mark.
Eventually taking it out of the oven at about 80 minutes total.
After cooling and breaking the clumps up we taste tested and the kids enjoyed it.
I'm so glad.... This was a long task I should have just left up to the professionals.
After gathering a generous helping for the older brother, the girls and I
 bagged some up for school snacks to please the teachers
and into the snacks bowl they went.  
If you would like to try your hand at making this mixture head on over to Trixis Treasures.
Disclaimer: I received the products above free for review. I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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