Friday, January 10, 2014

He love me....... He loves me not

I just want to vent as little. I am all about planning and being prepared. I was a girl scout so I know all about be prepared, however, I have strong feelings against Valentines Day for some reason. Or, maybe it is just that I like the spontaneity of it more than the planning.
I am seeing lots of blogs already planning Valentines Day ideas and gifts and other hoopla.
I feel about as strongly for this as others felt for the poor little elf that I took in total disregard! LOL
I posted my Elfie stuff as if nobody cared. So with this post I do not plan to change any ones mind about Valentine's Day. By all means, Please read other blogs, get some great ideas, and plan to your little hearts content. But, here at my home front, We will be waiting until Valentine's Day and running out for some last minute goodies to give to each other.
Now, don't go thinking "She is just bitter because her husband doesn't ever remember, or doesn't get her anything." because that is not the case. My husband get the usual chocolates and roses from wherever has them on his way home from work along with some soft of goodie I have been eyeballing. I know this sets the bar high for all you guys out there. Hopefully this will help your spontaneity or lack thereof by allowing you an idea to hold on to for that big day.

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