Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zatarain's Big Game Cravebox

Super Bowl Time!!!
A super bowl of yummy food that is!!!
The only thing I think of at super bowl time is food, fun, and commercials.
Who cares what team is playing?  Not this girl.
I do, however, care what yummy food is in my Zatarain's Big Game Cravebox!!
I believe my mailman is going to start hating me pretty soon.
To begin with, this box was
  supposed to be $15. I signed up, I referred a few other people to Cravebox and that entered me into a drawing for free boxes. So guess what!?!?! This box was totally FREE. So , for me, everything in here is a profit!  And on top of that..... It was all doubled!! Amazing!!!!!!
First opening it looks pretty packed in a larger than usual size box.

I have a good idea in mind for this creole seasoning. I want to make some batter-dipped  fish and use some of this to give it a little more flavor.

I made a pitcher of this tea as soon as I got it and loved it!
Oh yeah, no skin was shown to collect these beads!

These are such an awesome addition to this box. Family Size Jambalaya mix!!
 I will be making this very soon.

Again, another awesome addition, Red beans and rice is the known meal for Louisiana Creole Cuisine. It is a staple around my house.

Creole Mustard, I haven't tried this yet. I want to think of a yummy creative recipe to make with it. I was thinking something with chicken. If you have any ideas or suggestions leave them in the comments below.

All in all, I think this was an awesome box! A great themed box and super value! Thank You +Cravebox.
Check out my previous post to learn more about Cravebox and how you can enter.


  1. You got yours already? It doesn't even show mine as shipped even though I got the letter saying they were doubling everything weeks ago! Wonder what's taking so long?

    1. I think some of the shipping info has been mixed up. Mine didnt even show up until it was almost here. I'm sure it will be there soon. But just check with customer service if you get worried.

    2. Yeah I'll give it a few more days. I got accepted to this before the snack and was surprised when the snack showed up Friday. I had to peak to make sure I was videoing the right box!