Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BzzAgent - TruMoo

I just love getting free stuff. I am so very glad I signed up for BzzAgent. I wasn't sure I would get much  action when I first signed up. I was so wrong. I have been signed up for about a month. I got my 3rd offer for a campaign today!  I got the Redbox Instant trial first and loved the free month of movies. Tru Moo chocolate milk is the latest I have finished. 

I got my Bzzkit in the mail. It included a coupon for a free gallon of chocolate milk for me to pick up and try out. Simple! Wal-Mart carries it and comparably priced to other chocolate milks. 

I brought this stuff home and the kids all but went crazy! We don't usually have chocolate milk around here. Like now... we still don't have any in the fridge! With a family of 5 it was gone in a couple days. 

I loved this brand for 2 reasons. It is made with 1% milk so less fat. And 2... it is not gritty and super thick like some other chocolate milks I have had. 

I am so excited to be a BzzAgent! They have already offered me a 3rd campaign. The Glade Expressions home scents campaign. I will be getting my BzzKit for that soon. 

And guess what!!!!! I will be doing my first ever giveaway!!!!

How exciting!! I need to get some feedback from my readers so I know what you all want to read about. I think I have given a good sample of all topics I will be blogging about in posts to come. Which do you like best? What do you want to see? 

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  1. Your blogs are great!!!! It makes me want to go out and try these products, but more than that, it makes me want to join BzzzAgent!!! I am looking forward to the giveaways !!! Waiting axiously to find out how to sign up.

  2. Just click on the BzzAgent link and sign up. Super simple process and just fill out all your surveys so they know which campaigns would be right for you and they will email you!!!

  3. I was just invited to the Glade one, too! Very excited to try it!

    1. I was invited to that one too but didn't catch my email fast enough and it filled up. Note to self: Be sure to accept quickly!