Friday, January 25, 2013

What is BzzAgent?

Being a BzzAgent is so fun and easy to do I have jumped right into it without even explaining how YOU can join in the fun.
BzzAgent is a program designed to gain feedback on certain products. You sign up with them and fill out a bunch of surveys (to begin with) to tell a little about what you like, use, and enjoy. That gives them an idea of what campaigns to offer you.
As you complete different aspects you will get little achievements along the way to let you know you are doing well. You will also get rewarded on a points system with My Points
The campaigns they offer can include anything from your daily life. Here are some recent campaigns they have done.  When you get chosen for a campaign they send you out a BZZKIT. It will either include the items for you to try or coupons to get the items for free from a local store. Most often it will also send out extra coupons for discounts to give away to your friends and family to share the BZZ!
After your get the items, they encourage you to try them out before spreading the word. BzzAgent wants your HONEST opinion.  You will then go back into the campaign to submit your feedback on that item.
As you complete campaigns and send in your feedback, you will increase your Bzz Score, which in turn makes them want to send you more campaign offers. As you receive new offers be sure to accept them quickly as they will fill up quickly and you could miss your spot.
I have had a lot of fun participating with BzzAgent. I hope I have encouraged you to try it out for yourself.

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