Sunday, January 6, 2013

Puppy Paws

We got a new addition to our family recently and
I have to tell ya she is the feistiest thing in our house!

She is a Pit bull puppy we had gotten from a friend. Her name is Chyna. The hardest thing I have ever had to do is housebreak a puppy. Still trying to perfect that! Our other dog is Joker and he stays outside so we didn't have to housebreak him. I didn't realize how much of a trouble maker Chyna  would be until she got settled in and more comfortable with this as her home.
We introduced her to Joker right away because he would have to approve since he is the top dog around here. 
 He approves!

There is quite a size difference between the 2 of them but we love them both big and small.
Chyna is quite the little playful pup. We have lots of toys for her. It is almost like having a little baby in the house again. Chew toys all over the floor to step on! And, just like a child playing with the box the best toy came in at Christmas, she chose to chew on the phone charger! I guess we have to be trained to pick up our stuff just as she needs to be trained to leave our stuff alone.
She has taken over my bed!
 This is her today!
She has grown so much in the 2 weeks we have had her. Chyna is also a very photogenic pup, which is good because she will be getting her picture taken a lot around here. I will post every now and then and update on her growth and any new adventures she is taking part in.
Stay Tuned!

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