Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to School Snacks Cravebox


Yay! It's here....

time for the kids to go Back to school after the horribly long Holiday!

And My Cravebox.... full of Back to School snacks for the kids!
I have so enjoyed Cravebox and this box was no different!
The kids even look forward to getting mail and they were excited for this one for sure!
This was the first thing I noticed because I am a self proclaimed Pasta-Holic!
Barilla Microwavable Penne with Basil Tomato sauce. Yum... and a coupon for $1 off my next one!
Honest Kids Organic Juice... The kids haven't tried this yet but I have faith it will be gone soon! Less sugar than other juice brands.
Kraft Handi-snacks.. the old standby with a little tweek! pretzels sticks now instead of what I remember as crackers with a little red plastic stick to spread the cheese! Still just as yummy as ever!
Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix... These were kind of like eating cheese puffs. Only not cheesy lol! They were good though I like them! A good replacement for chips.

ID gum... not sure what the hype is exactly. This is good gum but not sure exactly what is so super special about it. It does have a magnetic closure though so that is pretty cool. Nobody likes gum dumped out in the bottom of their purse!
Then there was this cute little Organic Farming coloring book and a coupon for a free Earthbound Farm Product.
SunRype 100% fruit strips. These were just as good as the bigger thicker ones from the Resolutions Cravebox!
Overall I think I got a pretty good Box! I love Cravebox and will definately keep 'em coming!
If you sign up don't forget to tell em I (antonia37355) sent you!


  1. That looks like it had a lot of good products I would have liked to have tried. It had a lot of healthy choices. I didn't sign up for this one because thought it was going to have fattening items in it that I didn't need to be tempted by. Now I wish I had signed up for it!

  2. Yes it did have quite healthy good alternatives to unhealthy snacking!