Friday, March 29, 2013

Panty by Post March 2013

I know this is kind of an unusual post but it is something we all buy.
Feeling sexy comes from many factors including the make up you wear, how you fix your hair, the shoes and clothing you wear, all the way down to the under garments you chose for the day.
I was lucky enough to come across this subscription service called Panty By Post.
They were nice enough to offer a complimentary pair for me to review. 
I am usually a little unsure about buying clothing from the Internet
 because I am plus size and doubt that the online shops will have my size and if they do they won't be sized right and will not fit me. Then, I will have to go through a long drawn out return process and blah blah all those things we hate.

However, After looking into Panty By Post I found that they offer sizes up to 4xl. BINGO! 
Sexy bloomers and they come in my size!
 So on with the package.
 Beautifully packaged in a cute box that clearly says Panty By Post.
 I wonder if my mailman was blushing?
Inside the panties were also wrapped very neatly in tissue paper.
My suspense was overwhelming, all this purty stuff and I am still not sure if they will even fit me. 
Oh yes, there is also a great element of surprise. 
You only know the style you chose but you will not know what you get until you actually open it up.
Did I mention I got thongs? Oh yeah sexy to the max over here!
If you subscribe you can choose from their signature line or their bridal line. 
Between the 2 you can also choose briefs or thongs.

I thought these were so cute with the back being all lacy like this.
 Need I remind you I am not used to finding sexy undies in my size!
I think these are made really well. I have no concerns about stitching or fabric issues.
 I feel like they will hold up fairly well under my behind.

If you would like to sign up with Panty by Post you get to choose the plan you want. They offer multiple choices for subscriptions. You can get a single panty or sign up for recurring monthly shipments. Each plan varies in pricing beginning with $25 for a single panty and as low as $15/month for a yr subscription. 
Just click the link above and you can browse their site and see for yourself all the choices you have. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee so for any reason you have a problem just contact their customer service and I can assure you they respond quickly!
I think this would be a great idea for someone to get for themselves or also as a bridal gift 
that would continue throughout the newlyweds first year. 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review. However, All opinions are true and I only recommend products I believe would be good for myself and my readers.

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