Monday, December 2, 2013

Decorating on a Budget

I am a usually a hard core traditionalist. I adhere to the tradition of putting my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving every year. This year was a little different I had to work that Friday so I decided to go ahead and put the tree up on Thanksgiving night.
After many years of using the same tree and ornaments I have changed things up a little.
I usually have a modest green tree fully engulfed in oodles of homemade ornaments accumulated from over the years of my little ones school and church projects. I have always stuck by that tradition but my kids are no longer making new ornaments at school and I wanted to do a little something different.
I have a small but cozy home and a modest budget, so I had to get creative with my ideas for a beautiful tree. Old Time Pottery is one of my favorite stores for fabulous deals on household items.
I browsed the aisles and these cute little ornaments for so cheap and decided on a whimsical theme. I wanted something fun and colorful!
I got this white tree for $5.99, the ornaments for $3.99, and the ribbon for $2.
And a some little gift box thingies for only a couple bucks. So all-in-all $15 bucks got me a super adorable tree. It might be little but I still love my little whimsical tree!!!
You just have to use a little creativity!!!!!

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