Monday, December 9, 2013

Elf on The Shelf and His Magic Seeds

Our little elf Mr. Cookie Plum-Pants has been quite busy since coming to stay with us.
He has gone fishing in the fish tank, 
played the Xbox one,
and brought some magic seeds for the girls to plant.
The little seeds look like little tiny Christmas Trees.
The seeds came with some very simple instructions from the big guy himself.  

Plant in Sugar

Sprinkle with Snow

Wait for the Magic

See what Grows

My lovely girls were so excited to plant the seeds
so we did so right away!!!
Since we live in Tennessee, there is no real snow so they made their own
little tiny snowflakes from paper and sprinkled on top of the seeds
 that were so delicately planted
in a muffin pan with sugar base for each seed.
They are dreading sleep but hoping the magic will work overnight!

Wowza!!!! It worked!!!

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