Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Very Own Elf on the Shelf

There has been so much hype about Elves on Shelves my girls were hoping and praying and wishing Santa would send one to them for this Christmas......
 They were tickled to death when they woke up Dec 1 to see our very own little Elf sitting right under our tree. He isn't one of those creepy looking elves either!
This one is adorable!!!!

 He came with a letter from Santa telling the kids about him and his likelihood to get into trouble. He also saw our cute little tree and brought a few ornaments with him straight from the North Pole.
Since he is a new Elf my girl's are allowed to name him. They chose to call him
"Cookie Plum Pants"
After we searched Google for some good elf names.
 We are excited to see what great adventures our little Cookie has in store for us. and hopfully the girls will get a good report each night until Christmas!

Since we have had him a couple days now, He is already into so much mischief.
We have found him playing my new Xbox One and snacking on sweets!

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