Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun Christmas Crafts

We are always looking something fun to do with the kids and being around the holidays, things are no different. It can be very trying on a person's nerves when kids get all messy and make mess to clean up than is necessary. I have tried to find the most stress free crafts I could that are still very fun without creating the huge mess.

The first thing I have found that we will be doing is creating a Santa beard count down. Simply print out this picture and let the kids color it however they see fit. Then each day in December glue another cotton ball onto the beard.  There is a poem that goes along with this as well.
Santa's beard is very bare
On his chin, there is no hair.
So each day, add one puff so white.
And when they're all on,
He'll come that night.

The kids will also be making hand made cards for our local nursing home residents.  I used to work in a nursing home and it is very sad to see all those elderly people with no visitors or family. They are so delighted when kids come by to see them. I have lots of scrapbooking supplies that are perfect for creating Christmas cards.

And last but not least......
Gingerbread cookies are the most fun thing ever!
I love those little kits you can buy with the cookies premade and they include different kinds of candy. Those are perfect for no stress fun!

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  1. These are all great ideas and easy and fun to do!!!