Friday, December 13, 2013

A Story Of love and Chocolate


A Story of Love and Chocolate

First Guylian chocolate
Guy Foubert - born in 1938 in Sint-Niklaas - was a passionate Belgian chocolatier making handmade chocolate truffles.
The story of Chocolaterie Guylian began in the late 1950’s with the marriage of Guy Foubert and Liliane. Guy and Liliane joined their names in our company name: Chocolaterie Guy-lian. Guy soon realised that the world was ready for something totally new. On which the young couple created for the first time chocolates in the shape of seashells. Guy developed the recipe of our signature hazelnut pralinĂ© filling; Lilliane added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled look and the delicately sculptured shapes. A true love story of romance and chocolate.

Guylian Chocolates has been gracious enough to allow me to review some of their products.
These are the yummiest chocolates I have ever tasted. Believe me, I have tasted a LOT of chocolate.
They are so delicate yet rich and creamy. I love the creamy center on these beautifully crafted seashell and seahorse shaped treats.
What makes Guylian Belgian chocolate the best in the world?
  • Guylian is made with 100 % Belgian chocolate
  • We combine artisanal craftsmanship and time-honoured Belgian chocolate-making techniques alongside high tech production techniques.
  • We use only the finest ingredients for our chocolate and fillings.
  • We hold Belgium’s tradition and chocolate heritage in high regard.
  • Our chocolate always has a well-balanced set of flavours that develop gradually, but also endure for a full sensory experience

The website shows many different boxes of yummy goodness to be able to purchase for yourself or give as a gift to someone you know would love these delicate little treasures.
As you can see, we did try these chocolates and by the way, between my husband and kids this box is long gone. They just don't know how to enjoy a chocolate to savor every minute.
Guess what?!?!?!
Guylian Chocolates was also gracious enough to join in the giveaway on Dec 28th!!!
Stay tuned that will be a great day!!!

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above free to review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and I would not recommend a product I didn't believe would be good for my readers. 

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  1. I have never tried them. I would love to try the #Guylian chocolate variety pack.