Friday, December 6, 2013

Yummy Snacks!!!

 I have found some delicious snacks! These are the most perfect little bananas ever!
I have tried making chocolate covered bananas myself a long time ago but they did not turn out very well. I have always thought they would be so divine.
I was soooo right!
Diana's Bananas was so nice to send me some samples of their products to review for you all.
Of course I had to share with the kiddos and the hubby but there was not a single person in the entire house who did not enjoy these.
I had to allow mine to thaw slightly though as the bananas are quite hard!
But the kids just gnawed right through them.
I think these would be perfect for a fun little dessert to lay out for a little while for a holiday party!
They seem like they would hold up well long enough for everyone to have a taste without having to worry about them.
I tried the Banana Bites first becuae I just thought they looked cute and tasty.
I was right.... There was really nothing bad about any of these little cuties.
The chocolate was delish to.
Then of course there are the Banana Babies
covered in milk chocolate or
dark chocolate.  
These arrived via FedEx very quickly packed securely in a cooler.
I would definitely recommend these to anyone to even try a single pack just to have a little taste of childhood.
Check out Diana's Bananas Website and go "LIKE" their facebook page because they post deals everytime they have one!
Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above free for review. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I was lucky enough to get to try these also and spotted the at the WalMart Freezer section. I had to pick up a box for myself!!!